II International regional rail business forum

February, 8-10, 2010, Swissotel Tallinn, Tallinn

II International regional rail business forum "1520 Strategic Partnership: Baltic Region" aims to discuss the most pressing problems, which the transport and logistics complex the European economic outpost of the "1520 area" is facing nowadays. Being a major transit point and a key element of the Eurasian Economic Cooperation, the Baltic region is of great interest for all the partners in the "broad" gauge.

Efficient fulfillment of the immense potential of the region, conditioned by its favorable geo-economic position, can be achieved only in case all the operators agree on the priorities of the Baltic transit trade development. In the current economic situation it is particularly important to balance the interests and consistently work on improving the transport competitiveness, the quality and complexity of services, upgrading the railway infrastructure, coordination of customs and tariff regulations, development of a constructive dialogue with the “1435 area”.

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The letters of support

Vladimir Yakunin, JSC Russian Railways

On behalf of the Board of JSC Russian Railways, I would like to welcome the delegates, guests and organizers of the II International regional rail business forum "1520 Strategic Partnership: Baltic region"!


Kaido Simmermann, Estonian Railways Ltd.

Joining forces to improve the efficiency of the whole system will enable us to maximize our core competitive advantages, which are the historical transport links and a common technological platform - the 1520 mm gauge.